sélect. style session w/ alissa mezzetti

developing a personal style is just that - something personal that takes years of self discovery and establishment. and let's be honest, the journey never really ends.

sélect. style sessions shines light on individuals who unapologetically express themselves through the deeply human process of creating, destroying, and evolving into their most authentic self over time.


usually dressed in her most recent vintage find, alissa mezzetti is the epitome of cool. her unique use of old (yet magical) cameras along with her style is something that cannot be replicated. 

first things first, can you introduce yourself and say a few things about you?

i’m alissa and i live in brooklyn, ny. i obviously love fashion but music is my first love. i was introduced to the music world at a young age when I started playing classical violin. i'm ALWAYS listening to something. i have always relied on it to get me through my darkest moments. 

other random tidbits about me:

halloween is my favorite holiday, i love anything creepy and spooky.  

i love old film - favorite of all time is taxi driver and rosemary’s baby. 

i love dogs more than anything.

i’ve been working on my vintage camera collection. i know everyone loves to shoot on iphone but the quality really does nothing for me. i love photos that look imperfect.

how would you describe your style?

if the 90s and 70s had a baby, that’s how someone once described my vibe.  

who are you inspired by?

my biggest inspirations are patti smith, chantal akerman, nan goldin, galliano, harmony korine, margiela and glen Luchford. 

what is your best style advice?

only wear what feels like you. don’t buy into a trend for clout. everyone is starting to look the same because of instagram trends. individuality and staying true to yourself seems to be getting lost. if you don’t feel 100% in it, it’s not for you. 

also buy more vintage and thrift more. seriously spend a day picking through racks at goodwill. you always find the best stuff and it’s better for the environment ;)

your most worn item in your closet?

most worn items are my paco rabanne bag, black high top converse, denim and an oversized tee. 

your best vintage find?

omg i have so many great vintage finds....this is tough. my ostrich handbag is insane and i love it so much.  my plaid pants from sélect. i own lots of vintage men’s blazers. also my Dior slip.

your favorite archival item you own?

tragic story. i bought a 1990s gaultier dress and ended up selling it a few years back cuz i barely wore it. biggest regret 😭

three songs you've had on repeat lately?

schizophrenia by sonic youth 

kick the tragedy by drop nineteens 

alameda by elliott smith 

and lastly, who is your fashion icon?

my two biggest fashion icons are hope sandoval and diane keaton. 


IG - @alissamezzetti 


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